Who's your pick to become the first Red Bull BC One B-Girl World Champion?


The first Red Bull BC One World Finals B-Girl Champion will be crowned on September 29 in Zurich, Switzerland, when 16 of the best B-Girls from around the world compete to make history. So, who's going to win it? Here's a who's-who of the entrants.

Will it be one of the B-Girls who won their country's Red Bull BC One qualifier?

1) B-Girl Sayora won the Kazakhstan Red Bull BC One qualifier to earn her spot at the World Finals. She's the youngest B-Girl in the line-up and will be entering the biggest battle of her breaking career.

2) B-Girl JK47 from Diamond's crew beat a heavy line-up of B-Girls to win the American Red Bull BC Once B-Girl qualifier. The Canadian-born dancer has over 15 years of breaking experience and a traditional yet detail-orientated style that she'll be bringing to the World Finals stage.

3) B-Girl Primary Soul won the South Korea Red Bull BC One B-Girl qualifier. Another B-Girl with years of experience, she'll be rocking her swift ground-and-footwork-based transitional style at the World Finals.

4) B-Girl Kastet had a hard test to win the Russia Red Bull BC One B-Girl qualifier. A member of 3:16 crew, she has a funky and energetic style with creative footwork flows and some unique freezes.

5) B-Girl Mini Japa from Amazons crew won the Brazil Red Bull BC One B-Girl qualifier. She's a B-Girl with fast footwork and ground power who dances with passion.

6) B-Girl San Andrea won the France Red Bull BC One B-Girl qualifier. A member of Rockerz Delight crew, she's an all-rounder who's been building her skills and experience at international competitions over the past few years.

Will it be one of the three Japanese B-Girls?

Over the years Japan has consistently produced some of the best B-Girls on the planet and three of them will be competing in the Red Bull BC One World B-Girl Finals:

7) B-Girl Ayumi from Body Carnival crew is the only B-Girl to compete on the Red Bull BC One World Finals stage, having appeared at the 2017 Red Bull BC One competition. She has top competition experience as well as being an all-round B-Girl with footwork, power, freezes and tricks.

8) B-Girl Narumi is also from Body Carnival crew and is the older sister of B-Girl Ayumi. Rocking a quirky, creative and original style of breaking, Narumi also has a lot of competition experience and has already won the Silverback Open B-Girl solo competition twice.

9) B-Girl Ami is a member of Good Foot crew and is one of the latest young B-Girl talents to come out of Japan. She has already made big waves on the B-Girl scene, having also won the Silverback Open B-Girl solo battle and the B-Girl battle that took place at the 2017 Undisputed World B-Boy series.

Will it be one of the other top B-Girls competing at the world finals?

The rest of the B-Girl line-up is filled with young, high-flying, original and multiple competition-winning contenders:

10) B-Girl Sarah Bee from France is a member of Zamounda crew who's fast, dynamic and always dances with fire in everything she does, be it footwork, power moves or freezes.

11) B-Girl Mess from Russia has built her skills and reputation over the past few years at international competitions, and is ready to bring her martial arts-influenced style to the stage.

12) B-Girl Paulina is a member of Breaknuts crew from Poland and a breaker with dozens of wins to her name, including twice winning the Outbreak Europe B-Girl solo battle, and twice winning the Unbreakable B-Girl battle.

13) B-Girl Kate is a member of South Front crew from Ukraine who's built a solid reputation in the past few years as one of the best B-Girls around. She's won the Outbreak Europe B-Girl solo battle three times and the Yalta Summer Jam B-Girl battle twice.

14) B-Girl AT from Finland is a member of Flow Mo crew and is the only B-Girl to win the IBE footwork battle. She's battled on almost every major stage there is on the scene, has a highly respected reputation, and is known for her musical style.

15) B-Girl Sunny is a high flying breaker from the USA with an arsenal of difficult, dynamic power moves and combos, and is another winner of the Outbreak Europe B-Girl solo battle.

16) B-Girl Roxy is a member of HeartBreakerz crew from the UK. She's another high-flying B-Girl who's super-comfortable upside down on her hands and has a style full of flexible freezes.

Those are the 16 B-Girls who will compete for the title of the first-ever Red Bull BC One World B-Girl Champion.

(written by Emmanuel Adelekun)