Who's your pick to win the 2018 Red Bull BC One World Finals?

Judge's Decision

With the 15 breakers who will compete at the 2018 Red Bull BC One World Finals selected and announced, and one spot waiting open for the winner of the Last Chance Cypher, the question now is: Who's everyone picking to win the World Finals this year?

Will It Be One Of The Newcomers To The World Finals Stage?

1) B-Boy Luka, a Brazilian repping Tsunami All-Stars crew who always breaks with high intensity and goes all out every single round with his explosive power moves.

2) B-Boy Cri6 from Morocco, repping El Mouwahidine crew, a former Morocco Red Bull BC One Cypher winner with flexible transitions into power moves and a large number of intricate freezes.

3) B-Boy Uzee Rock, the super-calm and cool B-Boy from Ukraine repping Tatanaka, H-Blast, and Originality Stand Alone crew. With his easy-going way of breaking, Uzee Rock can be a difficult guy to battle, with smooth threading footwork and crazy spinning blow-ups that come out of nowhere.

4) B-Boy Chey, the four-time Red Bull Spain cypher winner from Arcopom crew who's a creative performance artist who always finds fresh ways to express himself.

Will It Be One Of The Breakers Returning Back To The World Finals Stage?

5) B-boy Lil Kev from France, repping Vagabonds crew, who has a heavy arsenal of highly difficult crazy power moves and freeze combos.

6) B-Boy Kid Colombia, repping Hustle Kidz crew out of the Netherlands. Young, hungry and fearless with ultra-dynamic crazy blow-ups, it's always been a dream of his to win the Red Bull BC One World Finals and now he gets another chance to make it happen.

7) B-Boy Sunni, repping Soul Mavericks crew out of the UK with two-time UK B-Boy Championships to his name and a high, explosive breaking style.

8) B-boy Vero from South Korea, repping Jinjo crew who's a former South Korea Red Bull BC One Cypher winner returning to the World Finals stage with the fast, dynamic style he's developed over a long career of competing at the highest level of competition.

9) B-Boy Nori from Japan, repping Take Notice and The Floorriorz crew. The last time Nori competed at the World Finals it was on super-short notice as a last minute replacement. Now, as a definite World Finalist, he's had time to prepare to win this year and has the all-round style to try and do it.

10) B-Boy Luigi from USA, a member of Squadron crew and the legendary Skill Methodz crew. Having developed around some of the most well-known legends in the breaking scene, he'll be bringing his fresh style of breaking back to the World Finals stage.

11) B-Boy Lil Zoo, a member of Elmouwahidine and Flying Steps crew, repping Morocco and Austria. Lil Zoo's fast, explosive, musical style has taken him to the semi finals more than once, at the World Finals.

12) B-Boy Leony, a member of Amazons crew from Brazil. Over the past two years Leony has earned his spot on the World Finals stage by winning the Last Chance Cypher. But this year he doesn't have to worry about going through more 30 other competitors to earn a spot on the stage.

Will one of the two previous Red Bull BC One World Champions win for a second time?

13) B-Boy Victor from USA, repping the Red Bull BC One All-stars, MF Kids and Squadron crew. Victor is a major-solo competition-winning machine! Already with the Silverback Open, Undisputed and Freestyle Session titles all to his name, in 2015 he won the Red Bull BC One World Finals.

14) B-Boy Issei from Japan, repping FoundNation crew and a member of the Red Bull BC One All-Stars crew. Another solo-winning machine who's also won the Silverback Open, as well as R-16 and the IBE solo competition, he won the Red Bull BC One World Finals in 2016.

Can the adopted home-town B-Boy win?

15) And finally B-Boy Dr Hill Skillz, repping Unik Breakers. He's from Mexico but has lived in Zurich, Switzerland, for the past four years – so he'll be out to win the World Finals in his adopted home.

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(written by Emmanuel Adelekun)