Who's That Girl?

B-Girl Terra has been making headspins since the age of 3.

From throwing down her first headstand at 1 ½ years old, to holding down centre stage at Glastonbury and starring in JUNGLE's video for their track Platoon, dancing on Ellen... not to mention battling across the globe and beating out dozens if not most teenage b boys she's come up against!

We caught up with the now 10 year old superstar breaker B-Girl Terra at London's UK BBoy Championship's to chat music, her toughest moves and who she loves to battle.

What first made you want to dance?
I was about 2 when I started. I started dancing cuz my sister really inspired me. She used to go to dance classes and when she'd come back she'd have all these amazing moves! I had to learn them! So my dad took me to dance class.

You train a lot with your dad right? How often do you have to practice? Is he a strict teacher?
Yeah I do! Haha! No he's not strict at all! Well I train everyday kinda, but not too much or too intense. We usually have a rest on Sunday's. I like to do different styles as well, like house and stuff.

Do you and your sister B-Girl Eddie battle each other a lot?
We mostly battle at home and sometimes we make up dances together. We have battled a couple times in competition too.

Even though you're tiny, you command attention when you're up on that stage like a little pro! Even up against breakers double your height and age and all the boys on your crew. Do you get nervous ever?
Nope. Never. I don't get nervous in anything really. I just enjoy it!

Your headspins are insane! How old were you when you did your first one? Was it scary?
Thank you! I did my first one when I was really young, like about 3. When I was first spinning on my head I wasn't that scared but when I was in the air I was kinda a bit scared. Now at 10 they're really really easy!

Do you have a favorite move?
I would say an airflare, a windmill airflare, flares, and of course headspins!

What's been the toughest move to master?
An airflare and a half. Because you're in the air and you have to like swing your leg at the same time you're swinging your arms! You then you need to land like on your shoulder, back arm part!

You're easily one of the biggest stars on Soul Mavericks! Is there someone on your crew or another dancer who'd you'd love to battle?
I'd like to battle B-Boy Sunni from Soul Mavericks because he always annoys me! Haha

Who has been your toughest competitor?
My sister B-Girl Eddie is kinda hard because she's got really good styling and stuff like that... but not anybody else really.

What dancers do you look up too? Who inspires you?
I look up to B-Boy Lilou, Poe One, B-Boy Physix, Storm, Salah and my sister Eddie. I love Eddie and Lilou's style and how Lilou enjoys himself. Physix's power moves and Storm's headspins, Salah's creativity. I really look up to that.

What music are you listening to at the minute? Do you have a favourite song that you've danced too?
I listen to loads of stuff! Obviously I listen to breakin, I listen to Hip Hop, and R&B, House. I listen to poppin, I listen to lockin and Grime. All stuff really.

I don't have a favorite like all time song but I do have a favorite song for breakin. My favourite song for breakin is DJ Fleg 'Clive Chords' I haven't got to perform or battle to it yet though.

You've danced on the pyramid stage at Glastonbury, you and your sister B-Girl Eddie's performed on Ellen! If you had your choice to dance anywhere in the world next where would you pick?
Being on Ellen was really fun! It was nice and hot and Ellen was really nice!

If I could dance anywhere in the world I would really like to perform in Jamaica. Because it's really hot there, the food is really nice! I've tried lots haha.

What tips would you give to girls your age and younger who are just starting out as dancers on what they need to do to be the best?
They need to enjoy themselves, they need to eat healthy, they need to practice a lot, and they need to not bite at all. Be original! ...that's it.

Words by Tracy Kawalik
Images via B Girl Terra and Little Shao