Meet all the Winners of Red Bull BC One 2018 in Switzerland

Ami is battling Narumi

Red Bull BC One Switzerland, September 27 to 29

We experienced three days of hard-fought battles, enlightening classes and incredible hip-hop vibes at the Komplex 457, and a blazing showdown at the Hallenstadion.

Dancers and dance-lovers from all over the world gathered in Zurich to be part of the Red Bull BC One World Final 2018.

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BC One B-Girl World Final
Ami from Japan reigned supreme as the first-ever Red Bull BC One B-Girl World champion. She battled San Andrea from France in the Final , capturing the title with 3:1 revealed votes. She was overwhelmed by emotions as the whole audience cheered and Tuff Kid handed her the belt.


(photo by Little Shao)

BC One World Final
Lil Zoo, who is living in Austria, was crowned as the new Red Bull BC One World Champion, as he defeated Luigi from the USA in a spectacular final over 3 rounds. Lil Zoo is representing the El Mouwahidin crew and is celebrating victory and his 25th birthday on the same day.


(photo by Dean Treml)

Hip Hop Battle
20 teams set the dancefloor on fire in the hip hop battle. The overall level in this category was through the roof, making all the battles super challenging and thrilling to watch from start to finish. DJ T-Sia dropped fresh beats which kept the packed out crowd roaring. With the hip hop title finally going to Jamie & Parkissi from Switzerland who came prepared with countless routines and shined as epic freestylers as well.

Jamie and Parkissi win the Hip Hop battle

(photo by Stain Garcia)

Bonnie & Clyde Battle
In the Bonnie & Clyde Battle, B-Girls and B-Boys team up to face each other in an intense 2 vs 2 competition. Several competitors from the World Final lineup entered, serving up a series of ridiculously skilled and high octane battles that made Bonnie & Clyde one of the hypest events of the evening. Roxrite and Paulina stood victorious as the "power couple" of the evening.

Roxrite & Paulina win the Bonnie & Clyde Battle

(photo by Stain Garcia)

Power Move Battle
In the power move battle we had 18 B-boys trying to top each other with the most spectacular and acrobatic elements of breaking. Moha from Russia proved to be the one with the most elaborate combinations and went home as the victor ot the power move battle.


(photo by Anderson Ko)

Top to Bottom Battle
In the Top to Bottom Battle dancers are required to show their proficiency in Top Rock and Footwork. In the preselection round everyone was doing one round with both elements and in the battles, they went for two rounds with only Top Rock or Footwork allowed. Out of 34 contenders, B-Boy EZ Mike from Switzerland and Kastet from Russia made it to the Final. EZ Mike won the battle by demonstrating mastery of foundation, musicality and originality.


(photo by Romina Amato)

Popping Battle
26 dancers participated in the Popping Battle, including international heavy-hitters like Bruce Ykanji and Nelson. In the final, Nelson met Popping Prince in a France vs France showdown. The judges saw the battle close by a 2:1 vote. The popping title goes to Popping Prince. The hypest battle in the competition was without a doubt the semifinal between Nelson and Bruce Ykanji.


(photo by Romina Amato)

Continent Battle
As the continent battle is a battle without judges where the teams battle each other in an unregulated exchange of styles, there is no official winner. But as these battles hyped up the whole Komplex 457 and brought an amazing energy to all the dancers, we consider everyone a winner in this crew battle without equal. Team America was strong with power moves and tricking, Team World showcased individual style and originality and Team Europe came with the untamed energy of the youth. The whole thing ended in a collective uprock session accompanied by classic breaks from DJ Lean Rock.


(photo by Dean Treml)

Break Down the House
In break down the house a breaker and a house dancer team up to bring their different styles to the floor, all to house music. This forces especially the B-Boy or B-Girl to explore different rhythms and find new ways. Perla and Tonio came prepared and took the title with flawless teamwork and amazing solo skills.


(photo by Little Shao)

Red Bull BC One B-Girl World Final Top 4 Preselection
This year Zurich is hosting the first ever BC One B-Girl World Final, with 16 B-Girls coming from all over the world to fight for the world title. After two rounds, four of the best B-Girls fought their way to the big stage in Hallenstadion, where they will battle in the semi final and final rounds on Saturday. These are the names of the ladies who reigned supreme on today's Top 4 selection:

  • San Andrea, France
  • Ayumi, Japan
  • Ami, Japan
  • Narumi, Japan
The B-Girls for the World Final on Saturday

 (photo by Little Shao)

Red Bull BC One Last Chance Cypher
In the Last Chance Cypher we saw the champions of the regional BC One Cyphers and the winner of the Red Bull BC One E-Battles go head to head in the knock-out battles. The Wolfer from Austria secured his spot in the BC One World Finals by defeating Belgian B-Boy Tirock with superior style and stamina.


(photo by Little Shao)

Make sure to tune in to the Red Bull BC One World Final Live Stream on Saturday, September 29 9:30 pm CEST.

Below we have the battle brackets from the battles so far.