The Unity of El Mouwahidine crew - Lil Zoo, Cri6 and The Wolfer

El Mouwahidine at the Red Bull BC One World Final 2018

Moroccan unity will be on display at the 2018 Red Bull BC One World Finals when El Mouwahidine crew members, Lil Zoo, Cri6 and The Wolfer all compete in the championship battle. It's the first time in Red Bull history that three members from the same crew have been able to make it to the Red Bull BC One World Finals, with Lil Zoo and Cri6 being two of the invited Breakers, and The Wolfer now joining them by winning the Last Chance Cypher and claiming the last, open, 16th spot in the line up.

Growing up as rival B-Boys on the Moroccan breaking scene, and then later driven by their young fire to keep pursuing breaking even after their individual crews started to slowly stop dancing, the three had formed a close friendship in the years competing against each other and decided to become a crew. Their chosen crew name, El Mouwahidine, was taken from an Empire that used to exist in North Africa, Morocco, with The Wolfer saying, "they were strong and so huge and I was like, wow this really fits because it means 'the unity' and at the same time it fits to our culture."

Now The Wolfer and Lil Zoo live 5 minutes away from each other in the city of Innsbruck in Austria, training, chilling, travelling and doing almost everything together when they are not away on individual travels. Cri6 comes over from Morocco to train with them whenever he can and has recently spent two weeks doing hardcore training with The Wolfer while Lil Zoo was on tour in Asia.

Feeling the support from Morocco and Austria, when asked how it would feel if the three crew members ended up having to battle each other at the World Finals, The Wolfer replied, "when we go there everybody has to give his best and that's it. Whoever wins there wins, whoever loses, loses, whoever takes it we'll be happy and that's it."

(written by Emmanuel Adelekun)