Lil Zoo and Luigi
The 2018 Red Bull BC One World Finals was epic on a grand scale. History was made and a new champion was crowned, with so many stories and moments that made the event special.

Moments like the energy that buzzed around the dancers' hotel day and night, fuelled by the international and multicultural meetings that were constantly happening. World Final contenders and Last Chance Cypher winners warming up in the training room. Dancers who had come along to support their crew members and dearest friends. Those who came to host battles, judge, DJ, give talks and do workshops. And those who came simply to be a part of history.

Rokafella & Teknyc

Moments like just before the first two rounds of the B-Girl battle on the Thursday evening, the room packed, the main floor cleared, and everyone waiting in anticipation. Host, B-Girl Rokafella, inspired the B-Boy and B-Girl legends in the room to take to the floor and get down. B-Boy Teknyc from Skill Methodz crew coming out when the DJ dropped Rakim's Don't Sweat the Technique, Rokafella getting down after him, B-Girl Nadia from Russia and AB-Girl from USA jumping into the cypher, and then B-Boy Omar, the first ever Red Bull BC One World Champion, coming out to show that he still gets down.

Sayora versus Narumi

The World Finals were filled with stories like that of 16-year-old B-Girl Sayora, the youngest and most unknown B-Girl in the competition who many must have wondered just how she got there, – unaware that she won the Kazakhstan B-Girl Cypher. Red Bull BC One was only her second big competition, and she had to prepare to battle the best in the world. Then she was drawn in the first round against one of her idols, B-Girl Narumi. But when that battle started, Sayora took off her glasses and went straight out first, fearlessly going for everything she had trained to do. Watching her was more than watching someone battle, it was watching a coming-of-age, and earning stripes and respect.

El Mouwahidine Crew

There was the story of El Mouwahidine crew, Moroccan B-Boys, The Wolfer, Lil Zoo and Cri6, rivals as kids, brothers with a bond of unity as adults. Lil Zoo and Cri6 already in the World Finals line-up, then The Wolfer winning the Last Chance Cypher to earn the 16th spot and join his brothers. These B-Boys made history as the first three guys from the same crew to represent on the World Finals stage. Fast forward to Lil Zoo winning and the first two guys to run to him were his El Mouwahidine brothers, showing him the unity and love that is their bond.


The World Finals was the story of B-Boy Luigi, who showed everyone what this dance was created to be! Only true fans and students of the game will know how long Luigi has been around. Most breakers grew up watching and being inspired by him. To see him do what he did on that stage was like watching a famous singer who you never thought you'd ever see live, suddenly come out and give you a whole concert of all his classic tracks. The tracks in this case being his signature style and moves, and representing the mentality that truly created this art form.

Uzee Rock

The World Finals were the story of Uzee Rock versus Chey, two of the most free spirits you'll ever see break. Their battle was one of true self-expression, exchange of character, and display of happiness. Unafraid to express who they were, even on one of the biggest stages on the scene. And then Uzee Rock kept that alive in his next battle against Victor, bringing the crowd to a roar simply but walking out, putting his hand in the air and nodding his head to the beat, showing that he was in the happiest place he could be and inviting everyone to join him there. And when he lost, before he left the stage, he treated the crowd to one more short get down, one more display of his self-expression, a smile on his face the whole time.


The World Finals were the story of B-Boy Dr. Hill, Zurich's adopted Mexican son, who was greeted by the people of his second home with the loudest cheer every time he came out, all the Swiss proud to have him representing them on that stage.

Lil Zoo & Lil Kev

It was Lil Kev and Lil Zoo doing a small hip shaking routine together before their battle, having fun even under the pressure of those lights and the weight of the competition.

It was a sold out arena singing happy Birthday to Lil Zoo.

Uprock Session

The Continental Battles ending with a mass uprock cypher when DJ Lean Rock dropped the classic track, It's Just Begun, host Mario B said, 'Let it play!' And all the breakers from the two sides filled the floor in uprock war.

It was the last party filling the main arena, everyone buzzing from the three days, competitors drinking, chilling and laughing together, judges winding down, and Brazilian B-Boys Neguin and Luka dressed in shirts, shoes and dapper blue and grey suits, looking like cool, old school gangsters.

Ami wins

It was every deafening roar of the crowd. It was Ami making history, and looking like she was holding back tears of joy. It was 10 years of hard work resulting in probably the craziest birthday ever for Lil Zoo.

It was all the B-Boys, B-Girls, fans, spectators, hip-hop dancers, house dancers, waackers, poppers, judges, hosts, DJs, commentators, press and media, fans and supporters. Everyone who came out to Zurich and lived the World Finals for three days and three nights, making it one of the most epic Red Bull BC One World Finals in history.

(written by Emmanuel Adelekun)