#TBT Breaking Battles: Miniboj, Daniel Zhu and Little Shao’s favourite 2016 B-Boy Battles

TBT Breaking Battles: Miniboj, Daniel Zhu and Little Shao's favourite 2016 B-Boy Battles.

What's the best B-Boy Battle of 2016? That's super hard to tell. Every B-Boy or B-Girl has his or her favorite moments. Let's ask three guys who spent hours and hours capturing some of the greatest 2016 battle moments through the eyes of their camera lenses.

Check out the favourite 2016 B-Boy Battles from filmmakers Miniboj of the Legits Studios Slovakia, Daniel Zhu from Stance USA and French photographer Little Shao from Paris.


Red Bull BC One All Stars vs Foundnation at UK B-Boy Championships 2016
I really love this battle. I was there at the event and I had the chance to see with my own eyes that the Red Bull BC One All Stars are not a dream team. It's a crew! I love the fact that they worked as a team and were strong as a strong team. I was really surprised.

Lussy Sky vs Pac Pac at Battle Bad 2016
My second pick is a battle that I didn't film personally but you can feel B-Boy PacPac's vibe even through Youtube. I love his first round. I can watch this over and over.


Remind at Reign Supreme 2016 x Bumbershoot
My favourite battle was the Open Styles Seven To Smoke from Reign Supreme Seattle featuring B-Boy Remind. This was his first ever Open Styles event, and wow, he took it by storm! He is 39 years old, a B-Boy, but influenced by so many other styles. Remind really displayed all of his "style elements." I remember Remind telling me, "Foundation is Freedom. Because when you are free, you become you." That definitely was displayed in his performance.



If I have to choose a whole event as the best "contest" then for me it was the Red Bull BC One World Final with the Last Chance Cypher in Nagoya Japan. The Last Chance Cypher was soooo dope because all B-Boys were hungry to get that last spot in the World Final! There were so many different styles and there was so much energy plus a crazy enthusiastic vibe from the Japanese audience. And to end it the Red Bull BC One World Final was the best world final ever in my view. So much level from each participating B-Boy. It was an amazing event.