Suit up! Red Bull BC One ALL Star Menno on tracksuit mode

Recently launching his own line of Tracksuits Red Bull BC One All Star and 2014 World Champion B-Boy Menno has a long history with clothes and what he prefers to wear.

With this passion project he hopes to inspire others and responds to the need to create products that come from within the community.

How did you get to this idea and create your own line of Tracksuits?
My standard outfit is a tracksuit one so my quest for new and fresh tracksuits that fits my interests is an ongoing thing. I feel more comfortable on the battle floor if I can rock a brand new tracksuit that makes me feel more confident and ready to battle. I frustrated myself that I could hardly find any tracksuits that fully lived up to my taste so I decided to create them by myself. The real push came when I was looking for tracksuits and I kept thinking like I could make these so much doper than they are.

Next to that, I believe the Breaking scene has so much more to offer than just events. It's such a strong community that deserves more attention than what it currently gets. When looking at other communities like surfing, snowboarding we don't have many products that come from the scene itself. This is one of the first brands coming from the scene and it fits the current generation, also for people who aren't familiar with the Breaking scene.


What do you hope to achieve with the launch of your own line?
First of all, it's a passion project. I always loved mixing up with clothes from wearing them from my dad and grandpa to what I could find in stores. That set the tone to my approach of what I like. And unfortunately most of that can't be found in stores so in this way I'm able to share the passion to the scene. Secondly, I think it's important that the community develops more brands. With this tracksuit I'm happy to say that I was able to manage a great looking suit that fits well when dancing, has a solid quality and ventilates very well.


The creation must have been quite a challenge, correct?
Exactly, the whole process took me like two years. I had some experience with clothing producers before when selling shirts and hats of my artwork Mennopoly. But still, this has been a completely different way. I really had to start all over and get to know the whole process from creation to distribution. The creative part was done with a friend of mine from Scotland, Rabbi Denim. The eventual production part was done in Ukraine. With help from local B-Boy Intact I was able to reach out to certain factories and I took it on from there. So it's something that was founded in Holland, defined in Scotland and produced in Ukraine and that's a great thing as it has this great similarity with the Breaking scene: It has no boundaries!

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Photos by Dean Treml and Nika Kramer