Red Bull BC One is coming back to Switzerland

Junior and Hong 10 on top of the world

In 2004, the first Red Bull BC One went down at the cultural centre La Coupole in Biel. Fourteen years later, the world's most prestigious breaking battle goes back to Switzerland. This time, the Hallenstadion in northern Zurich will host the clash of the world's best breakers, on September 29, 2018.


Since the beginning Red Bull BC One has been a forerunner of putting the extraordinary talent of the breaking scene on display. Over the years, it evolved to something much more important: a global celebration of hip hop culture that brings together the whole world around that one circular stage.

From the streets to the top of the world.

This year's motto honours the possibility that a dancer can raise to international fame from wherever he is coming from. Your dance can take you everywhere irrespective of your origins, your religion or wealth. All that matters are your skills.

Red Bull BC One All Star Junior of France already knows what it means to see the world from above. Back in 2004, the French B-Boy participated in the very first Red Bull BC One in Biel. And when he returned to Switzerland, he dared to go to the top of the Matterhorn – with a little help from the mountain rescue helicopter company Air Zermatt. "The feeling of being at 4,400m above sea level is unbelievable. It's top." Hong10 from South Korea also knows that feeling very well, being a two-time Red Bull BC One world champion (2006 and 2013). "For a B-Boy, nothing can top the feeling of winning this battle. It will always be a highlight of my career."

Who will compete?

The 16 spots in the BC One World Final are hard-fought. The judges select 15 of the finalists throughout the year. Those competitors will be revealed in the next few months as the decisions fall. In 28 countries, there is the chance to qualify in a local Red Bull BC One Cypher. All the national finalists will be flown to the Last Chance Cypher in Zurich, to battle for the last free spot in the BC One World Final Line Up. The Last Chance Cypher will take place on September 27.

Red Bull BC One Camps

In 2018, a total of seven BC One Camps will be held in Spain (March 29-31), Austria (April 12-14), USA (April 26-29), Kazakhstan (April 25-27), Russia (June 1-3), and Switzerland (September 27-29). These three-day events feature jams, workshops, open battles, lectures, exhibitions, screenings and more, celebrating Hip Hop, dance and culture. The Red Bull BC One Camps focus on sharing knowledge, making connections and celebrating the art of breaking. Reflecting the creative landscape of the local scene, the camps also incorporate other elements of Hip Hop, urban dance and creative expression, alongside breaking. They culminate in a Red Bull BC One Cypher where the winner gets a chance to battle for a spot at the World Final.

See it in Zurich or watch it live on Red Bull TV

Tickets for the Red Bull BC One World Final will be available from June 2018.

If you can't make it to Zurich, you can still catch all the action, as the Red Bull BC One World Final will broadcast live on Red Bull TV on September 29, 2018.