The Red Bull BC One All Star Tour is about to begin

The Red Bull BC One All Stars are touring
In the coming months the Red Bull BC One All Stars are touring Europe, India and North Africa. While on location they will share their skills with the local communities and join in the battles.

Starting next week the Red Bull BC One All Stars are going on a tour consisting of three major parts.

The Europe Tour lasts from the February 19 to March 11 and spans France, Austria and the Czech Republic.

During the India Tour the All Stars will visit Mumbai, New Delhi, Bangalore and Kolkata from March 12 to 19.

In North Africa they will be in Tunisia, Algeria and Morocco from April 16 to May 6.

In workshops, masterclasses and open cyphers they will share their knowledge with the local dancers. This exchange will enable the b-boys and b-girls in the countries to profit from the collective experience of the champions and inspire them to take their own skills to next level.

In India and North Africa the All Stars will judge multiple Red Bull BC One Cyphers. 


The Battles

While on tour the All Stars are joining several competitions. If you want to test your skills: be there and try to beat them.

  1. Lille Battle Pro
  2. Hip Opsession
  3. Circle Industry
  4. Legits Blast

Writing History

One man is on a special quest during the tour: Roxrite is working on his legacy to be the first b-boy ever to win 100 competitions. He is going into the tour standing at 99 wins. You can follow his journey on or on social media by following #roxrite100.

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