The final judges decision at BC One 2018

If you saw the 2018 Red Bull BC One World Finals you would have seen how crazy it was right at the end when Lil Zoo was crowned the World Champion. In all the media madness we were able to catch up with World Finals judges, Tuff Kid and Junior, to get a little feedback on their feelings about the B-Girl and the World Finals battle, and to also find out how they felt about their overall 2018 BC One judging experience:

First we asked the judges about the B-Girls and their battle, and Junior said:
JUNIOR: It's about the moment, and at that moment Ami and San Andrea deserved to be in the finals.
Much respect to the two sisters, Ayumi and Narumi, but Ami and San Andrea did good, and were more complete and dynamic from the beginning to the end. It was dope.

Tuff Kid was the only judge who voted for San Andrea in the finals, instead of Ami, saying that:
TUFF KID: The B-Girls were a little bit harder but I feel like San Andrea kind of took it. The first battles, for me, were very clear but the last one, the final, I voted for San Andrea.

I think she was a little bit more connected to the music, I felt her you know. Ami, she killed it with her technique and her crazy power moves and stuff but I feel like San Andrea had a little more connection to the music. But like I said, it's just an opinion.

In contrast, when the two judges reflected back on the World Finals battle, it was Junior this time who commented on the one battle where he was the only one who voted a separate way to the other four judges, saying:

JUNIOR: Lil Zoo against Lil Kev was a difficult decision for me.
Lil Zoo did good the first round and had the dance more but it was very tight for me. It was hard to judge this one and so I went for who gave me the most surprise at that moment, and I went for Lil Kev.

TUFF KID: For me, personally, I was surprised that I didn't have to re-think my decisions and reflect back before voting. I was confident in all my decisions.

In the end, when we asked the judges about their overall experience of judging the Red Bull BC One World Finals for the second time, both were thankful and saw it as a great honour, saying:

JUNIOR: It's always a pleasure and honour to be part of Red Bull BC One, as a judge or participant of the event. But when you are here to judge you feel honoured because you are here to judge the best B-boys in the world at the moment, and yeh, I am thankful for this.

TUFF KID: It was great man! I really enjoyed it and enjoyed all the battles. The whole experience was insane, man. I feel like, finally we get what we deserve you now, because the vision before that was to make a platform for the next generation and Red Bull are doing a great job, giving this opportunity with media and everything, you feel like a soccer player giving interviews and all this stuff.

But that's how it should be and I'm not surprised. You know how much we train, struggle, get injured, and everything else, man. So I am not surprised where breaking is at, but I am grateful for the opportunity and I enjoyed the whole journey.

Even though we were unable to get feedback from Benny, Wicket, and Taisuke, we understand that after a very long day of judging and media obligations, when the competition is finally over, the judges just want to unwind and relax.

We want to thank Junior and Tuff Kid for taking the time to talk to us after the battles, and thank all the judges for being the professional B-Boys they are and for taking on the big task of being the ones who decided who, this year, went home as the 2018 World Finals, and first ever B-Girl, Red Bull BC One Champion.

(Interview by Emmanuel Adelekun)