Pelezinho: On the road to China

Brazilian Red Bull BC One All Star Pelezinho has been flying around the world for Breaking for more then twelve years. Not one of those flights was a direct flight.

Living in the city of Sao Jose do Rio Preto at about 275 Miles north of Sao Paulo Pelezinho's first stopover is always the international airport of Guarulhos Sao Paulo. We caught up with Pelezinho one day before leaving on a new B-Boy adventure to Asia.

What is your next B-Boy related destination?
Beijing, China

Is it the first time you travel to this country?
Yes, It's my first time visiting China. I am going to judge at the Green Panda-King's City Dance together with B-Boy Reveal and Cros of Freestyle Session. The event is held by B-Boy Kowloon and his new Loongchi organization.

What do you expect from the country and the event?
For me everything will be new. I am really interested to see the country of China and it's people. I am curious to see what life is like in a massive city like Beijing. How people are living, the buildings, the streets and the off course the food.

From the event I expect a large number of participants. I heard crazy stories about hundreds of B-Boys signing up for battles. I also expect to see a good level of Breaking. I saw Chinese B-Boys in one event in France and I have to say I was really impressed.

Who or what do you leave behind when you go on your next trip?
My girlfriend and my son Alex Jr. What I also leave behind is Picanha hahaha. I just love my Brazilian BBQ and the Brazilian weather. Right now it's super hot in my city, the AC's are blowing 24-7.

I don't leave the house without...?
A haircut. Before leaving for any trip outside my country Brazil I first visit my friend and barber Cleber. Before my journey to China I will see Cleber in the morning just before going to the airport. Things you always find in my luggage are my toothbrush, cream, perfume, underwear and fresh pairs of sneakers. Also my iPhone speaker is coming on every trip.

What is your favorite airport and why?
This has to be Sao Paulo International Airport Guarulhos. I always have to travel to this airport first. Really. For 99% of all my flights outside Brazil I have to fly from my city Sao Jose Do Rio Preto to Guarulhos first. Sometimes the wait is short sometimes its hours or even a day when it gets really crazy because not every promoter checks these things like stop over times. But one thing is great at Guarulhos.... everybody speaks Portuguese hahahahaha!!!!!

Window or aisle seat and why?
I prefer a window seat. It's easier for sleeping and when I need to go to the toilet, I check if the people next to me are asleep and jump over them.

Best (B-Boy) travel companion(s)
My Red Bull BC One All Star crewmembers Lilou and Roxrite. With Lilou it's always crazy. We crack jokes all the time and have a lot of fun. With Roxrite it's more chill but he is a really funny guy too you know. Next year I will be traveling with Lilou and Rox for 10 years. Our first trip together was the Red Bull BC One All Star Tour in Australia in 2008. Other great travel companions are Tyrone from The Notorious IBE and I must have to mention another Red Bull BC One All Star crewmate Cico. We're like brothers. Always teasing each other till the point where one of us gets grumpy out of anger and we end up almost fighting.

Any travel advice for dancers?
You need to make a plan. I see too many dancers going on the road with no preparation. Before you leave you need to know where will you sleep. How you will travel from A to B and find out if there are people you can hook up with. Also very important depending on the country is to learn a little bit about the language, signs and customs of the people. But most important is always to enjoy all your travels.