Niek on the road to Recovery

He is often announced as The Flying Dutchman but lately due to a serious knee injury B-Boy Niek from The Ruggeds has not been flying over battle floors much. But injury or not Niek still has plenty of "B-Boy work" to do like judging, organizing events and managing The Ruggeds dance studio. While working a busy schedule Niek found some time to answer some questions about his life on the road.

What is your next B-Boy related destination?
I finally got surgery on my ACL (Anterior Cruciate Ligament), so I'm out for the next 6-9 months which SUCKS! Super grateful for all the people that ask me to teach or judge, don't care that I'll be injured and book me anyway! Catch me on judge duties in France, Luxembourg, Italy and Germany these months and I just finished with the organisation of World BBoy Classic 2017.

Who (what) do you leave behind when you go on your trips?
My girl Delphine (DeyDey), well actually she leaves me behind all the time too so it's ok. And my family, the blood relatives and the crew ones.

Is it easy or hard for them you being away?
We're all used to it I guess. This year due to our tour with Adrenaline in Holland, it was the first time in 10 years that I didn't travel abroad for 2 entire months.

What is your favorite airport?
Tie between El Prat & Incheon. El Prat (Barcelona) has got this outside square in the middle of the airport so you can chill in the sun. Incheon (Seoul) has a spa, where you can hang out as long as you want for 15€.

When you fly do you prefer a Window or aisle seat?
I've switched strategy lately, aisle seat in the middle row.

I don't leave the house without...?
Way too much. My Camera, Macbook etc. I am not really a light traveler.

Best (B-Boy) travel companion(s)?
Easy. The Ruggeds & DeyDey of course. But outside of that always good to run into Little Shao, he's always down to go out, outside, or out to eat haha.

Your personal travel advice to other dancers?
Don't rush your travels. If you're going to the other side of the world use the opportunity to stay a couple of days, so you don't just see the inside of the airport and the venue you're working at. The fact that we get to travel and see the world through the eyes of locals is the biggest payment in our line of work, so enjoy it before it's over!