Meet the Contenders Part I

Victor Montalvo, Alexander (Bruce Almighty) Ponevezhskiy

Meet the contenders

Meet the contenders. The B-Boys who are fighting for ultimate bragging rights on the world's toughest stage in Breaking. From the defending World Champion Victor, two time Red Bull BC One World champion Hong 10 (Korea), to Lil Zoo (Morocco) and Bruce Almighty (Portugal), expect nothing but fierce competition when 16 of the best B-Boys in world get down for action.

Watch and learn about the men behind the moves, and let us know who your favorite is.
Follow the action live from Nagoya, Japan on December 03 at 7pm (Japan time) || 11am (CET) || 2am (PST) right here at and at Red Bull TV.

Last year defending World Champion Victor reigned supreme in almost all major international Breaking competitions. This year Victor has entered less solo competitions but at The Notorious IBE in august Victor showed the competition, over 290 solo competitors from all over the world, who is boss. His playful style, high level of musicality and the ability to create intricate moves on the spot are still unparalleled. Going into the Red Bull BC One World Final in Nagoya Victor is one of the great favourites to once more take home the title, should succeed in doing so then he will become the first B-Boy to successfully win the Red Bull BC One title in two consecutive years.

Hong 10
Red Bull BC One All Star and two times Red Bull BC One World Champion Hong 10 needs no introduction. He is undoubtedly one of the most popular
B-Boys in the world who kick started his impressive solo career after his first appearance at the Red Bull BC One World Final in Berlin in 2005.
Hong 10 lifted his first champion's belt in 2006 at the Red Bull BC One World Final in Sao Paulo Brazil. In 2013 he succeeded in winning his second Red Bull BC One title at the 10th edition of the Red Bull BC One World Final in his home country Korea. Today Hong 10 is still one of the most hard-to-beat opponents in competition Breaking. Since his last and winning Red Bull BC One World appearance in Seoul Hong 10 focused on competing with his crews 7 Commandoz (2015 Silverback Open, 2015 Freestyle Session) and the Red Bull BC One All Stars (2016 UK B-Boy Championships). Now Hong 10 returns to the Red Bull BC One World Final stage once again chasing in what would be an epic third world title.

Lil Zoo
At age 23 Lil Zoo is still a youngster but with three Red Bull BC One Middle East Africa victories and three impressive Red Bull BC One World Final appearances the energetic Moroccan B-Boy has become a household name in the international Breaking scene. Returning to Nagoya for a fourth World Final appearance, having battled in Rome (2015), Seoul (2013) and Rio de Janeiro (2012). Last year in Rome Victor got the best out of Lil Zoo after a thriller semi-final that had to be decided by tiebreaker. Lil Zoo will be more determined then ever in becoming the first World Final champion coming from the African continent.

Bruce Almighty
In 2015 Bruce Almighty (Momentum Crew) made his debut on the Red Bull BC One World Final Stage. In his first ever Red Bull BC One World Final appearance Bruce Almighty knocked out some serious contenders like B-Boy Sunni (uk), Alkolil (rus) and Pocket (Kor) and made it all the way to the final. Also this year his unique humorous and creative approach of the dance made Bruce win big international championships such as Break the Flow, Double K.O and just recently the Undisputed Solo B-Boy Battle at the Battle of the Year in Germany. On his return to the World Final stage Bruce Almighty can only improve from last year by winning the title.