Making Of Red Bull BC One "From the Streets to the Top of the World"

Junior doing the plank on top of the Matterhorn
A behind-the-scenes sneak peek of the Red Bull BC One clip “From the Streets to the Top of the World”, shot at the top of the Swiss mountains.

"From the Streets to the Top of the World" – this is the motto of the 2018 Red Bull BC One World Final, which will take place on September 29 in Switzerland. In order to announce this great news in all its glory, the B-Boys Junior and Hong10 (both Red Bull BC One All Stars), and the Swiss talent Benny Kimoto (Flying Steps) and Dr. Hill (best B-Boy of Switzerland title holder) were literally flying high: first on Schilthorn Piz Gloria and then on the Matterhorn.



A battle at 2970m Above Sea Level

Junior, Hong10, Benny and Dr. Hill are established B-Boys. They can dance anywhere, but beware, not anyhow. Thus, for this shoot, a Red Bull BC One stage was specially constructed at 2970 m above sea level! Needless to say, that the view from there was absolutely breath-taking.

It was really cold. But the most difficult part was the lack of oxygen. At this altitude, it's not easy to shoot all the takes in a row.
- Junior, Red Bull BC One All Star

It was terrifying to dance on the world's highest stage, but the view was absolutely mesmerizing! It was difficult to perform all my moves since I'm afraid of heights. I had to bring myself to do it, in the end, I did quite a lot of headspins! What a feeling!
- Benny Kimoto, Flying Steps

I will never forget this mind-blowing feeling of dancing surrounded by all these Swiss mountains. Thanks to the photos and videos of the shoot, I will always have something to remember.
- Hong10, Red Bull BC One All Star

It was incredible to work and dance with Junior, Benny and Hong10. They were so professionals. Dancing in the mountains was really dope. The conditions were hard but so much adrenaline! 
- Dr. Hill, best B-Boy of Switzerland title holder


Did you know?

Not only the Red Bull BC One All Stars were standing in front of a camera at Schilthorn Piz Gloria. In 1968, "On Her Majesty's Secret Service" was shot there, with George Lazenby playing the part of the agent 007. Since then, the Skyline and Restaurant will always be reminiscent of James Bond. There is also an interactive exhibition called "Bond World".

Maybe this inspired Junior to give his own James Bond performance. The Schilthorn is great, but one can always aim higher. And so, the brave B-Boy went on a new mission: being transported by helicopter to the top of the Matterhorn at 4400m above sea level!


From 2970m to 4400m: "To the Top of the World"

The one who is also known as the "Extraterrestrial" has, once again, shown his strength. Dropped off at the top of the Matterhorn by an Air Zermatt helicopter, Junior delivered a freeze at 4400 m above sea level before proudly standing up and holding his fists in the air. Images, which will remain for eternity.

This exceeded all my expectations. When I was in the helicopter, I felt like walking on air. At the top of the Matterhorn I felt like I was in a parallel universe. The scenery was amazing, I was all by myself, like in one of those dreams you don't want to wake up from, because you don't want to go back to reality. And when I did the freeze, I knew that no one else in the entire world has ever done this. What an honour! 
- Junior, Red Bull BC One All Star

 (Photo credits: Philip Kessler & Jean-Christophe Dupasquier)