Life on the road with the Red Bull BC One All Stars

Touring with the Crew
Check out some of the highlights from the Red Bull BC One All Stars crew world tour, as they lived the breaking travel lifestyle on the road together.

Breaking is a lifestyle and one of the most exciting and motivating elements of being a B-boy or B-girl is travelling, life on the road, journeying to other countries almost every other weekend, having experiences, battling, and breaking. And to do this with your crew, bonding, experiencing new cultures, languages and foods together, seeking out fresh spots to shoot a mini get down video or to take some fresh pictures at, is part of breaking life, along with exploring new cities and getting lost in the vibe of a different place and a different way of life.

This year the Red Bull BC One All Stars crew embarked upon a world tour that fully exemplified the breaking travel lifestyle. They hit the road, venturing through Europe and across oceans to a long list of countries, including Austria, France, Prague, India, Tunisia, Algeria and Morocco, experiencing everything that life on the road has to offer.

They journeyed to Prague, the City of a Hundred Spires, for the Legits Winter Blast Festival, where they explored the historic city, shot a fresh video clip in front of the famous Lennon Wall, tried out traditional Czech foods, and then won the Rep Your Crew battle at the festival.

Neguin teamed up with Hip Hop dancer, Kyoka, from Japan, in the Montmartre district of Paris. And as rain lightly fell, the Red Bull duo filmed a dance piece together that flowed through the streets in one seamless, uncut shot. They also performed at the grand opening of the Juste Debout final.

Also in France with battling on the agenda Wing, Hong 10 and Ronnie were getting down to business in the French city of Nantes, where they won the 3-on-3 crew battle at Hip Opression.

In Salzburg, the city of Mozart, RoxRite finished his epic quest for 100 competition wins, together with his fellow BC One All Stars Victor, Menno, Junior and Taisuke at the Checkmate Battle of Circle Industry. Before the competition they explored the old town and locations from the Sound of Music.

When the tour hit India the energetic, French member of the All Stars, Lilou, ran around the busy streets of New Delhi, popping out of the people traffic to throw down in quick sporadic bursts on the concrete roads and streets, before cars or foot traffic took the space over again.

Whereas, while the sun set, the spiritual Neguin found a quiet, solitary location by the Yamuna River at which to simply get lost in the flow and movement of his capoeira and House dance-infused style of breaking.

Even when travelling with your crew sometimes the different personalities of each member urges them to search out different places in the cities to visit.

As the tour continued in Tunisia, All Stars Wing, Hong 10 and Pelezinho linked up with 2012 Red Bull BC One Champion, B-boy Mounir from Vagabond crew, to shoot a quick video clip in one of the famous ruins of the country.

And crossing an ocean again, the tour hit Morocco, where the All Stars put their skills on display for all the breaking fans who came out to see them go head-to-head against the Maghreb Gladiators crew, in a crazy-dope exhibition battle.

From Hong 10 almost losing his phone in Prague to enjoying sunset dance vibes in India, to be able to travel the world and have these experiences is a reflection of the lifestyle breaking has to offer to those willing to work hard at the craft and dedicate themselves to the dance.

(written by Emmanuel Adelekun)