Just Like You: Lil G Meets Virginia Tomarchio

Watch what happens when B-Boying and classical dance meet

An internationally renowned B-Boy, Lil G, side by side with a classical dancer, Virginia Tomarchio. The unusual meeting took place at the Stazione Leopolda in Florence where the Red Bull BC One All Star and member of the Red Bull Flying Bach performed “Just Like You”, an original choreography created by Chrisian “Kris” Buzzi.

The two artists, coming from two worlds so far apart, got rid of all the prejudices to find themselves in a metaphorical nakedness, symbol of the passion for dancing that bring them together. At the end they're more similar than they could imagine.

Watch the video "Just Like You"

Everything comes from the mind of Christian "Kris" Buzzi, one of the most important names of urban dance in Italy: breaker, dancer and choreographer. "Along with Marco Kira Cristoferi we came up with the idea: take two dancers from very different genres and undress their artistic clothing to highlight their common background. This concept can be transferred very well to all human relationships". Kris doesn't hide his satisfaction of having brought down some taboos: "We have had an excellent opportunity to demonstrate that even choreographers coming from breaking are able to tell stories, overcoming a small cultural barrier in the world of dance".