Junior B-Boy Issei Beats 2x World Champion Hong 10

Aged 19, Issei triumphs at Red Bull BC One in Japan against Hong 10, 12 years his senior.

"12 years? That's more than a decade of breaking experience that I don't have!" Local B-Boy Issei Hori beams as he steps off the world final stage in Nagoya.

"That age difference means a lot," he says, still sweating from his final one-on-one battle against Kim Hong-Yeol, a Korean B-Boy who goes by the name of Hong 10. "My motivation was only higher for it."

Like Taisuke Nonaka, another local favourite, Issei comes from the Kyushu Island in southern Japan. And just like Taisuke, the Aichi Prefectural Gymnasium crowd cheered for him through the night.

"It's been amazing," says Issei in fast paced Japanese. "People were so supportive, and this is by far the biggest show I've ever taken part in. I'm very, very happy."

Hong 10, who won breakdancing's biggest price in 2006 and 2013, felt quite differently about the night. "I'm sad," he says humbly, seeing his third world title escape him.

"12 years? It gave me a shock. I'm getting old... B-boying is hard, we can use our experience of course, but we have to use our physical body. I have to find a way to improve myself."

"Issei is a great B-Boy. He makes every battle a final. He's got musicality; his energy is good. He's kind of the best amongst the young guns... and even amongst the older ones."

A total of 16 B-Boys coming from 12 countries gathered in Nagoya for the event, including three former champions.

"I like the way BC One has grown," comments Richard Colón, better known by his stage name Crazy Legs. At 50, he's a breaking pioneer from the Bronx, NYC.

"The line-up blows my mind. Every single competitor in Saturday's battle has the skills of a modern B- Boy, from power to blow-ups, to technical ability, to flavour, to foundation. The winner seriously deserves it."