It's Freeze Time

Red Bull BC One All Stars are known for their unique approach to the dance. Each crewmember is an outstanding individual in his community, bringing a certain style, skillset and original movement to the group, from hardcore power moves to intricate footwork.

They serve as ambassadors of Hip Hop culture, with their main goal of giving back to the community and sharing their wealth of experience and skills with the younger generation of dancers. They travel the world to teach workshops, judge competitions and, of course, battle, continually challenging and pushing the limits of B-Boying.

Check out these amazing short clips of the Red Bull BC One All Stars performing their most impressive moves.


Lil G


Rox Signature Move

Ronnie Signature Move

Pelezinho Signature Move

Neguin Signature Move

Menno Signature Move

Lilou Signature Move

Lil G Signature Move