How India Celebrates Breaking

The top 16 B-Boys of the Red Bull BC One 2017 India Cypher star in a music video, featuring a track by Bangalore-based rapper Brodha V

Earlier this year, the third edition of the Red Bull BC One India Cypher was held in Bangalore, where the winner of the inaugural edition in 2015, B-Boy Flying Machine, took the title of Red Bull BC One India Champion yet again. Defeating local favourite B-Boy Shawn in a three-round battle, B-Boy Flying Machine will now go on to compete in the Last Chance Cypher in Amsterdam on November 2, to battle for the last spot in the top 16 of the Red Bull BC One World Finals on November 4.

Following this year's edition of Red Bull BC One, a music video celebrating the talents of the top 16 was shot in the famous Mukesh Mills in Mumbai, featuring a track by the Bangalore-based rapper Brodha V, called Aigiri Nandini. The video sees the B-Boys – including B-Boy Flying Machine, last year's winner B-Boy Abdul, and repeat top 16 finalists such as B-Boy Godhand, B-Boy Flexx, B-Boy Nevermind, and B-Boy Arttech, among others – show off some of their finest moves in the abandoned, and often believed to be haunted, mill.

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