How the Australian Breaking Scene set Stone for the Red Bull BC One All Stars

The beginning of a journey.

In 2008 Lilou, Hong 10, RoxRite, Ben-J, Pelezinho, Benny and Physicx headed to Australia to explore and share their knowledge within the local community as they caught up with former event organizer of Shadow Wars and multi-talented filmmaker Mason Rose, director of The Break Boys that aired end of last year on Red Bull TV.

Catch up with Mason as he shares his personal story on why Australia was the perfect spot for the BC One All Stars to begin their journey.

We have to rewind 8 years to truly understand the whys and hows of this tour and rewinding back the amazement that it even existed at first in a place like Australia. A culture rich with multicultural experimentation but with not much of a foundation because of how young the country is and also the fact that it was so hard to get anything to do with Hip Hop for us to study and enrich ourselves with.

So let's start with the fact that I, Mason Rose, was from a coastal town filled with all types of people, yobbo's, rednecks, weird beards, piss heads, block heads, fuck knuckles well you get the drift. It was a convict town and our only outlet was to skate, surf, go into the bush and catch snakes, play the pinball parlors and fight.

I was lucky enough to find myself with a bunch of Samoan and New Zealand kids who were into 90's Hip Hop essence, new jack dance, basketball and the fashion, cross colors, starter caps so this was my first taste of Hip Hop culture. Now fast forward 6 years of school I was actively surfing and became professional and travelled the world discovering exotic waves when I injured my left knee and was out of the water for 1-2 years.

The second year of recovery I found capoeira, and it was a perfect rehab for the injury, so I got into that for a long ass time, but within that time I also found breaking. If you asked my mom about our living room floor she would say I ruined her carpet, and indeed I did because we would train for hours learning from old music videos. From here I wanted to find out more so leap forward again I moved to a city up north inland called Brisbane where I would come to the community hall and basketball stadiums and train with the guys up there.

While training I got injured again but it was my wrist and said fuck it I'm going to get a camera and shoot these sessions, after a while an idea hit me, I'm going to make the 411VM of breaking and then SEVENSHADOWS was born.

It was a DVD about the Australian and global Hip Hop breaking focused on the community and highlighting the dancers just like a skateboarding movie would highlight the professionals and the characters of their culture. This lead to a national premiere of the film and screening in 5 cities across Australia sponsored by ECKO and GLOBE shoes.

This video generated some attention to this dance and sparked ideas and opportunities, but it was still a struggle. I remember I was homeless for a few nights in Sydney because I wanted to shoot a few of the guys but I didn't have a place to stay and no money.

This was where I met B-Boy Rush and felt a genuine essence of the dance through him and his crew "Fresh Sox". We became good friends till this day and partnered up to create a jam that we named SHADOW WARS because of the movie SEVENSHADOWS that we also kept doing and premiering at these jams.

This was the biggest thing for the scene in Australia for many years and was where we later partnered up with Red Bull in Australia. With this collaboration, we were able to produce the illest jams and we had the opportunity to have some of the best B-Boys come and vibe out with us and I guess Australia was the perfect place to lab rat test the Red Bull BC One All Stars blueprint with tours and workshops etc.

Our little event was the foundation for what they are doing today with that first tour, and you can ask any of them that were on tour it was the illest time but mostly because it was FUN!

This here is some of the footage from that tour with the guys. We travelled all over Australia, and we rocked everything in our path!