Get ready for the first-ever Red Bull BC One B-Girl World Final

The B-Girl Battle at the BC One Camp Japan 2017
For the first time in BC One history, the 16 best B-girls on the planet will battle it out to be crowned the Red Bull BC One B-Girl champion.

Last year, b-girl Ayumi made history by being the first B-Girl invited to guest at the Red Bull BC One World Final. This year, we're taking the next step and are proud to introduce the Red Bull BC One B-Girl World Final. 16 of the leading ladies of breaking will be invited to compete and find out who reigns supreme to be crowned Queen of the B-girls.

This new B-girl battle is meant to be a display of the finest styles and skills that the international scene has to offer, and considering the unstoppable rise of the B-Girls, in numbers and skills, this battle should be must-watch part of this year's Red Bull BC One World Final.

The first part of the BC One B-girl battle will take place on September 27, where dancers will battle out the round of 16 and quarter-finals. The semi-finals and all-important final will be held during the BC One World Final on September 29 in Zurich, Switzerland.

Stay tuned for news of the lineup and the release of our upcoming mini-documentary Rise of the B-Girls.