Follow The Steps: a journey into the Flying Steps’ day life!

Les Flying Steps
Premiering on Red Bull TV on March 13th, brand new series Follow the Steps gives you a 360° taste of the Flying Steps’ daily life.

After a sold-out tour across Europe in 2016 with their brand new show Red Bull Flying Illusion, the Flying Steps' adventures continue: Follow the Steps, a series to be premiered on Red Bull TV on March 13th, introduces you to the daily life of crew members Vartan Bassil, Benny Kimoto, Robozee, Lil Amok, Anna Holmström and young French b-boy Willy. From Vienna to Houston, from Los Angeles to Berlin and up to Las Vegas, Follow The Steps dives into the everyday life of some of the most dazzling dancers of their time.

Created in 1993 by German B-Boy Vartan Bassil, Flying Steps has first made a name for itself in international battles (4 times World Champions) before creating its own shows: Red Bull Flying Bach, mixing classical music and breaking, and Red Bull Flying Illusion, bringing together breaking, visual arts and illusions. "This is the starting point for the Follow The Steps series, says French crew member Willy (Tekken Crew). Behind the battles and the shows, we are living people; we stand. Our lives are all about dancing, but we also have families and friends and that's what Follow The Steps shows. Lil Amok or Robozee are real breaking legends but this is important to see how they grew up, how do they improve their dancing skills day after day, and what do they do in their daily life, whether they're touring or not." That's the point: on screen, you then discover Willy's bedroom, transformed into a recording studio: "Red Bull TV came to my house in Annonay, France, and they really discovered my own universe, he says. I'm a dancer but I'm also a musician. I do a lot of things: I play the guitar, I play the drums, I do skateboard too. Follow The Steps is all about our lives when we're not on stage..."


Interviews, behind the scenes footages during battles or shows, but also parties with friends, training sessions or appointments at the physiotherapist, Follow The Steps offers a 360° view of the dancers' lives. This is how you can see Lil Amok headspining on the Golden Gate Bridge (San Francisco) but also Willy walking the streets of his hometown with his little sister, Robozee rapping along with Vartan's daughter in an hotel corridor or the whole crew in full effect heading to the United States for the Red Bull Flying Bach's premiere: "Before I was a professional dancer, I always used to ask myself a lot of questions about dancers", Willy says. "How do they manage to make a living out of dancing? How do they manage to travel so often? This is exactly what Follow The Steps shows up."

All along its 6 episodes, Follow The Steps seems like a "behind the scenes" breaking thing, without even hiding the regular problems a dancer faces in his professional life: "At the end of the day, we all are like everyone: we sometimes lose battles and get angry, Willy laughs. This life is sometimes very difficult and Follow The Steps also shows that side of the job. Touring is exciting, but it's also a hard - very hard - day's work". This is how the series offers a stunning dive into the daily life of some of the most impressive dancers in the world.

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