Eyes on the BC One Bahrain Cypher Crown

Hear it from the mouths of the top five b-boy contenders: who’s taking this weekend’s cypher?

B-Boy Triple X

"I'm turning 22 this year, and I've been dancing since 2004, so more than 15 years! I started dancing with my older brother, who introduced me to the b-boy scene entirely, but after he quit, I started again independently. As of last year, I'm a two-time finalist at the Red Bull BC One Bahrain Cypher, and I'm so excited for this year's competition! This year is going to be the strongest competition yet, because I can see that the entire b-boy scene is hyped up and ready to go. I've been practicing every single day (except Friday) to get ready for the cypher. Everyone around me's been evolving very rapidly in the last few months, so it's going to be tough, but I'm looking to take the crown this year. There's nothing I want more, just to show the older b-boys that the young guns have some serious skills in them, so I need to make a point by finally winning this year! Most importantly, this year I'm playing for my dad, who passed away a few years ago. I want to win for him."

B-Boy Trix © Abdullah Minhas

B-Boy Trix

"I'm new to the Bahrain breaking scene, I've been dancing for almost two years, and it started when I attended the Red Bull BC One Bahrain Cypher at Malja - A Red Bull Space. I witnessed the breaking culture and I just fell in love. I've been practicing every day and waiting for any battle to pop up around me for me to take part in. When Malja started their year-long B-Boy of the Year competition, I immediately jumped for it! I'm now the leading contender with 22 points, and I've got my eyes on the prize: The Red Bull BC One Bahrain Cypher 2017."

B-Boy Kwik © Abdullah Minhas

B-Boy Kwik

"I've been following my passion of breaking for nine years now, living up to my dreams and the music! I spent the last few months training for the Bahrain Cypher this weekend, getting hyped up and getting nervous at the same time. This year, I'm changing up my strategy - I'm not going to focus on the 'winning,' but having a dope exchange with my opponent on that mat, making sure I have all the elements that I need to win every round. It's going to be an event of good vibes, good music, and exchanging our b-boy art."

B-Boy Twist © Nika Kramer

B-Boy Twist

"I've been dancing since 2008, and winning the BC One Bahrain Cypher in 2014 lit a fire inside me, and I'm gunning straight for that crown for a second win this year!"

B-Boy Huey Flava © Ali Haji

B-Boy Huey Flava

"Winning the Red Bull BC One Bahrain Cypher three times has been an amazing experience. Heading straight to Japan last year for the World Final really opened my eyes to how much more I need to work. The competition was at a completely different level and I really needed to step up my game! I spent the year traveling for battles, cyphers, and jams, learning and practicing. I'm ready to take it for the fourth crown and I cannot wait; three days to go!"

By Noor Nooruddin