The Definition of the Word: What is 'Hunger?'

This is the first in a series of articles that will look at the definition of a lot of the terms we use in breaking, exploring what exactly it means and takes to represent that word. In this first article, we'll be looking at what it means to have, 'Hunger.'

Hunger is a term we use a lot to describe B-Boys and B-Girls who we believe embody that drive and desire to be one of the best on the scene! We apply it to those whom we see as always striving to improve so that they can compete at the highest level of competition. But that drive and desire we refer to as 'Hunger,' is defined not just by competing and winning or losing but also by all the things it takes to be an active, respected, knowledgeable and competitive Breaker on the scene.

Hunger is that B-Boy or B-Girl who is always the first at training or the last to leave. It's those who travel hours to other cities because there are no real training sessions in the place they live, or those who make pilgrimages to other countries just to seek out higher level breakers, or legends in the game, to learn from.

It is that Breaker who goes to training after working eight hours in a job, or the ones that are there even when they are sick, injured or tired. It's the ones who constantly push their bodies to do more, never quitting while trying to get that new move or combo, no matter how much time it takes or how many bruises it leaves them with.

Hunger is that B-Boy or B-Girl who barely has enough money to travel so when they do they sleep in airports and on hotel room floors. It's the ones who take sixteen-hour coach journeys to other countries because it's cheaper than the 2-hour flight. And then, while there, they live off of cheap supermarket food because they used almost all the money that they scraped together just to get to that competition in the first place.

Hunger is that breaker that you see at every competition and jam, local and aboard. The one who never waits for the spin of a bottle to see who will start the battle but always goes first, battling every round like it was the final. It's those Breakers you see in every cypher who are ready to go 10, 15, or more rounds, in raw call out battles.

Hunger is the B-Boy and B-Girl who take advantage of every workshop, and always approach the judges for feedback and advice. The ones who, even after a long tiring trip to a battle in another city or country, will come straight from a coach, plane, or train and head to any training session going on at that time, suitcase still in hand, ready to apply the lessons they've just learned.

Hunger is the breaker who cares less about whether they win or lose as long as they get to express their style. The ones who want to be remembered for being unique and original, and for carrying on the tradition and style of their crew, city and country. The ones who are hungry to compete so that they can fully rep all that they have learned and keep the history of everything they represent, going.

Hunger goes beyond the physical side of the dance and is seen in the B-Boys and B-Girls who also have a hungry mind towards wanting to understand and learn about the Hip Hop culture from which this dance sprang. The ones who devour knowledge like scholars and ask for more. The ones who put just as much mental effort into learning the history and essence of the culture, as competitors put into learning the moves. The ones who dig and research and then share what they have learned to keep the essence of the culture alive. It's those who don't just want to be a part of the scene to win, get props and be known, but who strive everyday to help the scene grown and prospers.

This is 'Hunger' in its many shapes and forms, represented in the desire, passion, focus and mindset of those who love this dance and culture, and give everything of themselves to it.

Do you fit this mould, or do you have a different definition of what it means to use the term, 'Hunger?'