A brush with B-Boy Menno’s artist alter ego

Menno is b-boy and painter
Not content with winning Red Bull BC One (twice!), the reigning champ is also an accomplished artist. Discover more about his passion for breakdancing and painting in this film.

When b-boy and tracksuit entrepreneur Menno Van Gorp isn't travelling the world rocking his award-winning brand of fluid and innovative breakdancing skills, he somehow manages to find time to create stunning paintings.

Working under the moniker Mennopoly, his painting and graphic design work reflects the passion he uses to succeed in the world of dance – with explosive energy very much a hallmark of his work.

Menno's need to create is clear to see and there's a real connection between the twin passions: "My dancing is very abstract and so is my art," he says. "To become a great b-boy or painter, it needs a lot of hours and a lot of dedication. You need to need to enjoy that dedication or it's not going to work."

Discover more about Menno's alter ego in the exclusive short film above.