Break Advice All Stars Season - Ep 04: Levels & Transitions by Menno

Get into the battle art with Red Bull BC One All Stars and Break Advice.

In the fourth episode B-Boy Menno will share a few exercises to improve your skills of freestylin' with controlling your directions and levels, using the space around you and these all will help you to understand the technique of controlling your body when you are on the dancefloor.

Break Advice All Stars Season Episodes

Episode 1: Patterns with Ronnie
Episode 2: Targeting with Roxrite and Taisuke
Episode 3: Catch Up Moves with Cico and Lil G
Episode 4: Directions and Levels with Menno
Episode 5: Battle Attitude with Lilou
Episode 6: Savings with Hong 10
Episode 7: Powermove Combos with Victor
Episode 8: Execution with Wing
Episode 9: Response with Roxrite and Pelezinho