Break Advice All Star Season Episode 01: Patterns by B-Boy Ronnie

Get into the battle art with Red Bull BC One All Stars and Break Advice

In the first episode, B-Boy Ronnie will teach you the concept of creating patterns with your footwork. It is crucial to show patterns in a battle because it shows your personality, your originality and shows that you have a vocabulary in your footwork.

Break Advice All Stars Season Episodes

Episode 1: Patterns with Ronnie
Episode 2: Targeting with Roxrite and Taisuke
Episode 3: Catch Up Moves with Cico and Lil G
Episode 4: Directions and Levels with Menno
Episode 5: Battle Attitude with Lilou
Episode 6: Savings with Hong 10
Episode 7: Powermove Combos with Victor
Episode 8: Execution with Wing
Episode 9: Response with Roxrite and Pelezinho