The BC One 2017 B-Boys posing at the entry

On September 29, the Swiss city of Zurich will host the 15th edition of the Red Bull BC One World Finals.

The event takes place over three days at the city's Hallenstadion facility and will feature battles, talks, workshops and more. But the big draw will go down on September 29 and will be live streamed for the whole world to watch.

The World Finalists, the B-Girls, the judges, the DJ, and a special trio who will perform at the World Finals have now all been selected, so continue reading for more information.

The first Red Bull BC One B-Girl World Finals Battle
This year sees Red Bull BC One history being made once again, with the staging of the first Red Bull BC One B-Girl World Finals competition. It will see 16 of the best B-Girls from around the world battling it out to see who's crowned the first Red Bull BC One B-Girl World Champion. Selected based on their skills and reputation, or having earned their spot by winning their country's B-Girl qualifier, the B-Girls who will compete at the World Finals are:

Sunny (USA), Roxy (UK), Sarah Bee (France), Kate (Ukraine), PSoul (South Korea), JK47 (USA), Ami (Japan), Ayumi (Japan), Mess (Russia), Paulina (Poland), Kastet (Russia), Mini Japa (Brazil), Narumi (Japan), AT (Finland), Sayora (Kazakstan) and San Andrea (France).

The semi-finals and finals of the B-Girl battle will be held on the World Finals stage on Saturday, September 29, just before the Red Bull BC One World Finals.

The Red Bull BC One World Finals
With 15 of the most elite breakers from around the world having now all been selected, and the 16th open spot waiting for whoever wins the Last Chance Cypher on the Thursday before the World Finals competition, it's definitely going to be another Finals to remember when these breakers step on that stage. The 15 Red Bull BC One World Finalists are:

Leony (Brazil), Dr.Hill (Switzerland), Chey (Spain), Lil Kev (France), Nori (Japan), Luigi (USA), Sunni (UK), Victor (USA), Luka (Brazil), Cri6 (Morocco), Vero (South Korea), Kid Colombia (Netherlands), Issei (Japan), Lil Zoo (Austria/Morocco) and Uzee Rock (Ukraine).

The Judges
A panel of five reputable judges will be responsible for deciding who deserves to be crowned the best B-Girl and best Breaker in the World. The 2018 World Final Red Bull BC One judges are:

B-Boy Tuff Kid: one of the pioneers of the Swiss breaking scene and a member of Basel City Attack crew.

B-Boy Benny: a founding member of the world famous Flying Steps crew from Germany.

B-Boy Wicket: a member of Renegade Rockers and Footwork Fanatix crew from the USA.

B-Boy Junior: a representative of the Wanted Posse crew and the Red Bull BC One All-Stars, this French judge is one of the most recognised B-Boys in the world right now.

B-Boy Taisuke: a member of the Floorriorz crew and Red Bull BC One All-Stars, and one of the highest level breakers to come out of Japan.

The World Finals DJ
Playing music to inspire all the breakers to dance to their highest level will be one of the dopest DJs on the breaking scene today: DJ Fleg, from the USA.

The World Finals Performance Act
This year's showcase performance act will be the female popping trio, Femme Fatale. Made up of international dancers (Marie Poppins from France, Lily Frias from Mexico, and Dassy Lee from Korea) they'll bring their internationally recognised dance skills to the Red Bull BC One stage to entertain and wow the crowd.

The Host
And on the Mic, the guy who'll hype the crowd and introduce the breakers, acts, judges and DJ, will be Switzerland's own Amjad from 7$ crew. A regular host at Hip Op Session each year in France, the creator and organiser of the legendary Circle Kingz jam, and the Universal Concrete Jam, as well as being a B-Boy and a Graf writer, Amjad has been hosting for over a decade and knows how to keep an audience engaged and entertained.

There you have it, the elements that will come together in Zurich, Switzerland, to make the 2018 Red Bull BC One World Finals and create an epic 15th anniversary to remember.

(written by Emmanuel Adelekun)