The Back Stories Of The 16 Red Bull BC One World Finalists

Everyone who steps on the Red Bull BC One World Finals stage has a story to their journey or what they want to do on that stage. Here is a little glimpse into their mind frames surrounding the World Finals.

MENNO, the 2014 Red Bull World Champion and home country favourite, has spent the past two months training intensely, even taking time away from his family. Now, having a daughter he wants to win this year in hopes of boosting his profile within the Netherlands, so he doesn't have to travel so much for work and can be home more for his daughter:

'I never really get work locally and I have a daughter now so it'd be nice to get more work in Holland. So I hope if I win this year my name will gets bigger in Holland for a bigger audience and I can get more work here to be more around my daughter.'

Also Menno has a track suit out and is hoping to win in his very own track suit to help build his plans to market and sell his fashion line.

SHANE, the second Dutch home country B-Boy in the competition, from the same crew as Menno, 'The Hustle Kidz', will be stepping on the Red Bull World Finals stage for the first time. This is a moment he has trained his whole life for, and after trying to up his training to two times a day, almost every day, and constantly battling his crew member, Menno, for preparation, he already sees this opportunity as a big win for himself and career achievement:

'I just want to see and test myself and how far I can go. Of course I want to win, everyone wants to win, but I really want to show me and see how many people I can destroy.'

15-year old SHIGEKIX is the youngest dancer in the whole line up. Being fully aware of his chance to make history on the BC One stage and really boost his young career to the next level, he is keeping everything in perspective and treating the Finals just like another battle. He wants to relax, just show himself, and is fully focused on one goal- to win!

As the defending 2016 Champion, ISSEI can make history as the first person to ever win the Red Bull BC One World Finals two years in a row. He says it's important for him to try and win again this year but also he wants to keep the challenge of it going and is taking this year as the new year it is. He actually sees himself as his biggest challenge, as the World Finals is hard on a Breakers mental state and to defeat himself in this aspect is his goal.

THESIS will be on the World Finals stage for the fourth time and not having won a BC One yet he has actually been training specifically to win Red Bull since January.
After losing his motivation to compete and Break, after 2009, and getting caught up in life issues, his passion, motivation, and fire are back and bigger than ever. He feels like the time is right to finally win BC One for the first time in his career.

'Win or lose I feel like this is supposed to happen and I feel good. And I just want to show people how alive this dance is and how it vibrates. I want to show the colours of this dance.'

LIL ZOO has competed on the Red Bull BC One World Finals stage three times and says that this year feels completely different. Before he always felt like he had something to prove coming from Morocco, who never really had a high level B-Boy make it worldwide. But now he feels free and has found himself in the dance and is excited to bring his fire to the stage and just show everyone how free he feels and how much he loves to dance.

ALKOLIL says that he never prepared for the Red Bull World Finals like he did for this one. He was young and less experienced before but has started to Break different this year. His mentality to battling has shifted from focusing on moves to now allowing the music to move him freely and tell him what to do in the battle. He has a feeling of freedom inside now and is no longer worrying about having to do big moves or crashing.

MOY's first time at the BC One World Finals was in 2005 so it's been 12 years since he's competed on the Red Bull stage. For him winning isn't the most important thing, but what means something to him is to be invited amongst some of the best in the world today, even though he is one of the older guys on the scene. He'll be dancing stress-free on the stage and wanting to represent the 90s era he came up, and show that regardless of age you can still go out and kill it.

RATIN wants to step out on the stage and continue to represent for his family and crew and bring inspiration to those who look up to him. The last time he did the finals in 2015 his focus was to just show his dance, but this time he has practiced to come and win.

Everyone should know by now that B-girl AYUMI will make history as the first B-Girl to ever compete at the Red Bull BC One World Finals. Wanting to relax and be able to just dance and show herself, the one thing she worked on for this competition is her stamina to be able to go 3 rounds every round and hopefully to the win.

LUSSY SKY actually quit university in 2009 to become a full-time B-Boy and so he was massively happy to get the invitation to compete at the Red Bull BC One World Finals. He is fully focused on winning and wants to bring his style of footwork, on beat freezes and feeling the music to the BC One stage, and show everyone something different and that you can win with a style that isn't heavily based on power moves and crazy freezes.

This will be WING's fifth time on the World Finals stage. He won the championship back in 2008 and he is motivated to challenge himself and battle with the best of the best, on that stage. He is also focused on wanting to win for a second time, this year.

DANY is another one who will be stepping onto the stage for the first time, he really just wants to focus on the battle and the music, and enjoy showing his character.

After winning Unbreakable earlier in the year, B-Boy KILL wants to show that power moves can also win Red Bull BC One. And after losing in the first round of the World Finals in 2010 he feels much more mature, ready to take on the challenge and go for the win.

WILLY from France will also be stepping onto the World Finals stage for the first time and he just simply wants to enjoy the experience and honor of battling in the event that he used to watch when he was young.
'To win would be good but I just want to enjoy the stage and represent my style.'

By now everyone should know B-Boy LEONY's story. The 21 years old from Brazilian won the Last Chance Cypher for the second year in a row, 2 days ago on Thursday November 2nd. This once again earned him the open 16th spot in the World Finals, enabling him to once again compete for the Red Bull BC One belt.

All the finalists have their stories and things they want to show on that stage, and tonight we'll find out whose story ends in becoming the 2017 Red Bull BC One World Finals Champion.