B-Girl Becca, the first-ever B-Girl to enter the Switzerland Cypher 2017

Since its start in 2011 there has been never been a B-Girl on the stage of the Switzerland Cypher...

Since its start in 2011 there has been never been a B-Girl on the stage of the Switzerland Cypher... Until two weeks ago, when B-Girl Becca not only managed to take out 3 B-Boys during the wildcard cypher but battled her way all to the Semi finals at the Red Bull BC One Switzerland Cypher 2017 becoming the first-ever B-Girl from Switzerland to accomplish this. We caught up with B-Girl Becca to talk about this impressive result.

What got you involved into Breaking?
My sister and me got into Hip Hop at a younger age as we really felt rap music, graffiti and dancing. Later during my studies in Architecture it was a struggle with working beside, but I tried to keep busy with dancing too. I always knew that breaking is the thing I love the most, so few years back I decided to focus more on that and approach the dance in a more mature way. When I was younger I had the feeling that I can do all at the same time, but now I understand better, that focusing on particular things, and to put all your heart and passion into it, helps you grow in a specific direction.

My first crew is Soul Rebels, an only female crew from Switzerland and besides that I joined Unik Breakers a little more than a year ago. That crew is from Mexico, I met them first time years ago, when I was traveling there, but since now the crewmembers Dr. Hill and Baby OG are currently living in Zürich I joined forces with them.

What keeps you motivated?
At the moment it's the music and to get down with my people, also we have some young gunz that I get inspired by called Ill Souls. I think that's because you see that fire and hunger among them and that really motivates me.
I also have to mention that we have the fortunate situation in Zürich where a local youth center called Dynamo gives us a great facility to host our practices. B-Girl Angi made that possible about 20 years ago and since that the B-Boys and B-Girls can be there 24/7, many inspirational Crews like the Suicidal Lifestyles from Hungary came over. I like to train at places that have their history.
Also traveling and sharing the culture is something that inspires and motivates me all the time.

How did you end up all the way at the semi final?
Actually, I wasn't supposed to compete at all but I got a call from Red Bull Switzerland the night before the wildcard cypher, which was a day prior to the Cypher. Although I felt bad for the injured B-Boy I had to replace I took it as an opportunity. So on the day of the Wildcard Cypher I woke up at 6 am, did my work first and then went straight to Basel. And now that I look back at it, the fact that I didn't have time to prepare properly I felt more free during my rounds. There was no pressure as I was already happy to be part of it.

I knew I had to do three battles to make it to the Switzerland Cypher the day after and after winning my first one I realized it might be possible. To get the judges vote motivated me to step into the second battle with greater confidence and when I also won that battle I knew I made it. It just felt all so right that day, my friends and Crews were there, and I really liked the vibe of the location.

At the day of the Switzerland Cypher I pushed myself to maintain the same energy and state of mind from the day before. I was tired, but still, I wanted to show my appearance wasn't a lucky shot. Even I was not so happy with all of my rounds, I managed to make it to the semifinal where I met with crewmember Baby OG and I forgot all my stuff but for me it was fine. Three of us (Unik Breakers) made it to the top 4 in Switzerland, which I think is a great accomplishment so of course, I'm happy for Dr. Hill taking the title and heading to Amsterdam to compete at the Last Chance Cypher.

What's next for you?
We'll have some nice jams and battles coming up in Switzerland and at the end of July we'll be heading to Outbreak Europe in Slovakia and we're hosting our own event Breakthrough in the beginning of September.

Watch B-Girl Becca at the Switzerland Cypher: