B-Boy Life on the Road: DJ Lean Rock

DJ Lean Rock

DJ Lean Rock is no stranger to travel. Since the age of 16, he has been traveling the world consistently as a B-Boy of the world famous Floor Lords crew and as a professional DJ playing for the biggest B-Boy competitions and the Red Bull BC One World Final twice. Just before his upcoming European summer tour, DJ Lean Rock took some time to answer a few questions about his “B-Boy Life on the Road”

What is your next B-Boy related destination?
Outbreak Europe.

First time in Slovakia?
No, I’ve been to Slovakia over 10 times.

Who do you leave behind when you go on your next trip?
My girlfriend and my dog.

Is it easy or hard for them you being away?
If it’s a short trip, then it’s easy for them. If it’s a long trip like when I go on a tour for 3 weeks to a month, then… it’s a little tough.

What is your favourite airport?
Hmmm. I am not really a fan of airports. For really short lines (within USA), I would say Burbank Airport. For cleanliness, I would say Zurich Airport. For food, I would say Austin and Nashville, really good BBQ.

I don’t leave the house without…?
Clothes for one haha. My toothbrush, toothpaste and deodorant. If I’m DJ’ing, it will be my laptop, Serato box (if needed), headphones, slipmats, Serato records and maybe a few extra records. I used to always have gummy bears too. But now it’s pistachios.


Best B-Boy related travel companion(s)?
El Nino, Nasty Ray, Jeremy HK and Keebz because they’re always down for a good time.

What does your upcoming travel to Outbreak Europe look like from door to door?
It’s long. It takes me about 45 minutes normally to get to LAX. Then, I fly to Amsterdam for a day, which will take at least 10 hours from L.A. I spend a day in Amsterdam, and I leave the next day to fly to Vienna in Austria, which will be another 2 hours of flying. I have another 3-hour drive from Vienna to Banska Bystrica in Slovakia – the city of Outbreak Europe.

What do you expect from Outbreak Europe this year.
No sleep and lots of fun.

One last travel advice?
For anyone that hates jet lag, rest well and drink loads of water. I usually drink 2 litres of water before and during long flights. Eat healthy and light before getting on the plane. Don’t eat the food on the plane, unless you’re in first class. When you get to your destination, make time for sightseeing, meet some locals, eat good food and if you’re a DJ like me… get some records.

Outbreak Europe takes place in the city of Banska Bystrica Slovakia from July 29th – 31st.

Photos by Carlo Cruz & Nika Kramer / Red Bull Content Pool