5 Unforgettable moments from the Red Bull BC Holland Cyphers

Celebrating the 6th edition of the Red Bull BC One Holland Cypher next weekend on August 6 as part of The Notorious IBE festival the Dutch scene proved to be a strong one. Check out these moments that will take us back to some unforgettable moments that took place at the previous editions of the Red Bull BC One Holland Cypher.

Red Bull BC One Holland Cypher 2012 First Round Battle
B-Boy Ray vs B-Boy Kid Colombia

When the Red Bull BC One landed in 2012 in the Netherlands for the first time it was set up with 14 direct invites and 2 dancers who were able to qualify for the Cypher prior to the event. 16 dancers battled for victory and to battle at the Western European Final 2012. Direct invite B-Boy Ray from Team Shmetta met up with qualifier winner and only 15-year old B-Boy Kid Colombia in the first round. The battle is only two rounds and both dancers were not holding back but it was B-Boy Kid Colombia that came out as the big surprise and managed to take the win. In the end fellow crewmember, B-Boy Xisco managed to sweep the competition and was crowned as the winner.

Red Bull BC One Holland Cypher 2013 Final Battle:
B-Boy Skychief vs B-Boy Jazzy Gypz

In 2013, two B-Boys from the same crew met in the final battle to decide who will make it to Naples, Italy for the Western European Qualifier 2013. Coming from the same neighborhood both B-Boy Skychief and B-Boy Jazzy Gypz knew they were only one step away from getting to the next stage of reaching the World Final. Both started dancing at the same period and later became co-founders of The Ruggeds. At the final battle one and the other strived for victory but in the end friendship and mutual respect is what set the tone combining the fact the 2013 edition was held in their hometown as well. Although B-Boy Skychief took the title in the end, it could have gone both ways.

Red Bull BC One Holland Cypher 2014 Final battle
Skychief vs Kid Colombia

In 2014, title defender B-Boy Skychief once again was able to make it to the final battle. There he met B-Boy Kid Colombia, who then just joined the Hustle Kidz Crew. B-Boy Skychief as part of the Ruggeds went for it and tried to distract Kid Colombia showing his experience, but B-Boy kid Colombia didn't hold back and took the title becoming the youngest winner of the Holland Cypher. Both B-Boy Skychief and B-Boy Kid Colombia made it to the Western European Finals in Helsinki, Finland where B-Boy Skychief even managed to make it all the way to the finals, which no Dutch B-Boy was able to do.

Red Bull BC One Holland Cypher 2015 Final Battle
B-Boy Dietje vs B-Boy Shane

When the Holland Cypher took place in Rotterdam for the first time, a backup location had to be used ending it up in a small but packed setting for the dancers to decide who would make it the Madrid, Spain for the Western European Final 2015. B-Boy Shane managed to take it one step further every time he participated in the Cypher (2014 he reached the Quarter Finals and 2015 he reached the Semi Finals) and now faced B-Boy Dietje, hailing from Surinam but living in The Netherlands for several years. With local support from the crowd, Shane stepped it up and set the tone for a great battle with high-level moves and tension along the way. It was B-Boy Shane who convinced the judges leaving his mark as the winner of the Red Bull BC One Holland Cypher 2015.

Red Bull BC One Holland Cypher 2016 First Round Battle
B-Boy Nazgul vs B-Girl Pauline

In 2016, the Holland Cypher landed for the second time in Rotterdam. Although it was not the first time a B-Girl stepped on the stage of the Holland Cypher (B-Girl Bo participated in 2014), it was B-Girl Pauline as direct invite who left an outstanding impression showing her execution skills and confidence towards opponent B-Boy Nazgul and the judges. In the second round, B-Girl Pauline faced 2015 winner and this year World Finalist B-Boy Shane in which she had to acknowledge his superiority.

On August 6 the 6th edition of the Red Bull BC One Holland Cypher takes place in Heerlen, the Netherlands. Who are you rooting for at the Red Bull BC One Holland Cypher this year? Who will make it to the Last Chance Cypher to represent the World Final host country Holland? Watch it live on August 6 at 7 PM CET on the Facebook page of Red Bull BC One.