On Saturday November 4th, B-Boy Menno won the Red Bull BC One World Final for the second time in his Breaking career, in his home country, the Netherlands. And once again, we sat down to bring you 5 facts about the champion:

1) Menno is a fashion designer with his own tracksuit
Buying a fresh new tracksuit for each competition became a ritual for Menno over the years but it was always hard for him to find one with the right look, style and fit. Two years ago Menno finally decided to design his own tracksuit and now has his own one that you can buy on mennotracksuits.com.

2) He recently became a father.
Menno became a father 9 months ago with his partner giving birth to a baby girl. And even though he was speechless, and amazingly overjoyed, to win the 2017 BC One World Finals, he said that becoming a father was the best moment of his life.

3) Menno was ill the week leading up to the BC One World Finals
Even though he still done all the lead up media and press that all of the World Finalists had to do, Menno was actually feeling unwell in the week before the competition but started to feel better a day or 2 before he had to battle.

4) Menno battled his own crew member in the final
Hustle Kidz is Menno's home country crew but he is also a member of the Red Bull BC One All Stars crew, along with B-Boy Wing. So even though everyone wondered what would happen Menno had to battle his Hustle Kidz crew member, Shane, at BC One, people may have missed the fact that he actually battled his BC One All-stars crew member, Wing, in the final battle.

5) Menno sometimes doesn't watch his opponent's round during a battle
Menno said that sometimes he looks away if his opponent is killing it in his round and doing dope moves. He does this to keep himself mentally focused in the battle, and also to stay focused on what he is going to do instead of getting caught up or put off by what his opponent is doing.

Watch the full event on Red Bull TV.